Technical requirements


  1. Track bike required.
  2. Drop handlebar required.
  3. Lock-ring required.
  4. Timing chip required (provided at check-in).
  5. Aero number required (provided inside your race pack).
  6. Traditionally spoked wheels required (no TT wheels).
  7. Clipless pedals required.
  8. Clincher, Tubular, or Tubeless tyres are permitted.
  9. Bike mounted cameras are permitted.
  10. Brakes prohibited (No brakes F&R, No brake lever and U-brakes).
  11. Lights and reflectors prohibited.
  12. Pedal/toe straps prohibited.




  1. Cycling helmet (US DOT, CPSC standard, European CEN Certified) required.
  2. Cycling jersey and bib shorts or skinsuit (kit) required.
  3. Bib number required (provided inside your race pack).
  4. Team cycling jersey should be worn by all team member who race.
  5. Variant in team cycling jersey is permitted.
  6. Cycling jersey contains brand of another race event is prohibited.




  1. Racers must check-in at the latest 30 minutes before the race start.
  2. Racers must enter the race track only from the designated entrance.
  3. Racers will be assigned a starting grid. It is racer’s responsibility to remember their starting grid.
  4. Racers must align their front wheel inside the starting grid.
  5. Racers must not leave their starting grid until the race starts.
  6. Racers must start with one foot on the ground.
  7. Trackstand is prohibited.
  8. Leaning to other racers or barriers is prohibited.
  9. Helping other racers in case of technical failure (e.g. flat tire) is prohibited.
  10. In the case of mechanical problem or flat tire, exit the race track immediately and safely. Fixing must be done on the spot (well aligned along the sides) without any outside help.




  1. Each race will be a set amount of laps.
  2. The lap counter is used to indicate how many laps are left.
  3. The length of the race may change at any time in accordance with the policy of Race Director
  4. A bell is used to marked the beginning of the final lap.
  5. There are no free laps for mechanics or crashes.
  6. Number of laps for qualifiers in OPEN category is 13 laps.
  7. Number of laps for qualifiers in WTNB category is 5 laps.
  8. Number of laps for finals in OPEN category is 27 laps.
  9. Number of laps for finals in WTNB category is 10 laps.


Overlapped racers


  1. Overlapped racers must leave the race track immediately and safely.
  2. Race Directors, the main moto, moto sweeper and race marshalls can signal racers that they must get out of the race track.
  3. Racers who refuse to leave the race track will be disqualified.