1. Racers must treat all course marshals, dispatch and checkpoint workers courteously and with respect. If racers fail to be reasonable adults, they will face immediate disqualification. This behavior includes any belittling, sexist, homophobic, insulting, transphobic, or otherwise shitty behavior.
  2. Racers must respect the directions of the course. Any racers caught riding the wrong way on any section of the course will face immediate disqualification.
  3. If a racer drops a package or a manifest, they will be permitted to get off their bike and walk backwards to retrieve it. This should be no more than approximately twenty (20) feet. Racers are not permitted to walk backwards for any other reason (i.e. to go back to a checkpoint or turn that they missed).
  4. If you must stop during the race, you must go on the side so as not to bother another racer.
  5. It is forbidden to go on foot inside the course. In the case of mechanical problem or flat tire, walk your bike within the course direction. Fixing must be done on the spot (well aligned along the sides) without any outside help.
  6. Indonesia traffic rules applies. Always ride on the LEFT-HAND side of the course. Passing other racers from the right-hand side.
  7. Entering/leaving the course from START/FINISH gate only. It is forbidden to enter the course from any other entrance whether you race or not.
  8. Outside the racing time, if you want to cross the racing course, you must imperatively use the path provided. Any racers crossing the racing course by sneaking under the police line will be immediately disqualified.
  9. Racers must dismount from their bikes and ensure that their bikes aren’t in the way of other racers at each checkpoint.
  10. Racers must lock their bikes at WMS and IBMA checkpoints. Free locking is not locking. If the bike can be stolen, it will be. Don’t lock to any other racers’ bikes.
  11. It is the racer’s responsibility to make sure that the checkpoint workers punch and/or mark the correct place on their manifest. If a racer notices that something is incorrectly marked after they have left the checkpoint, they must return to the checkpoint to fix it in a way that respects one-ways. If a checkpoint worker has incorrectly marked a pick or drop, have them initial the mistake.
  12. It is forbidden to deliver the package by hand or on the handlebar. Each package must be transported inside a bag or on a rack.
  13. Racers numbers must always be visible throughout the race.
  14. Racers must always wear a helmet when racing. No helmet no race!
  15. Racers are not permitted to discard of undeliverable packages until the end of the race. Any racer caught intentionally discarding packages will be immediately disqualified.
  16. Any racer who is taking too long at a checkpoint (i.e. confused about their paperwork, can’t remember what they are doing, etc.) will be asked to move to the back of the line until they can figure out their shit.
  17. Racers are responsible for all information written in their manifest, including to making sure their name and rider number, punch-in and punch-out time.
  18. Racers must responsible for all the paperwork throughout their race.
  19. Course recon permitted on the designated time only.
  20. Organizer holds the full rights to disqualify any racers who break the above-mentioned rules without possibilityof appeal or refund.




  1. Racers will be assigned to a start group. Each group has 15-minutes time span to start. Racers list in each group will be announced on Friday August 23 on website and social media.
  2. Racers must arrive at the Start/Finish (Dispatch) at the latest 15 minutes before their start time and line up in any order.
  3. Racers will enter the course one at a time, every 30 seconds.
  4. Before start, racers must give their race number to Dispatch, who will then hand them a manifest. At the 30 second mark, dispatch will give them the go ahead to begin.
  5. If you are late and missed your start time, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to race. You should have been on time.
  6. Each racer’s start and finish time will be marked according to the clock at Dispatch.
  7. It is the racer’s responsibility to make sure Dispatch punch-in the starting time and punch-out the finish time correctly on the manifest.
  8. Racers must complete all their jobs before they punch-out.
  9. If a racer is finishing at the same time another racer is starting, priority will be given to the racer finishing to punch-out.
  10. Top 20 from the Open and WTNB category combined will advance to finals.